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Sealing protects your Polished Concrete floor against staining.
We have a wide selection of sealers available with some having a life span of up to 5-10 years. Choose from our range of matt to high gloss mirror sealers to create the ideal finish you are looking for.

Indoor Uses

Any type of sealer can be used for these areas depending on the use. Water based, thinners based coating or penetrating sealers are optional. All types of finishes can also be achieved from a matt through to a high gloss mirror finish.

Outdoor uses

Outdoor uses for polished concrete include footpaths, driveways, outdoor entertaining areas and pools. Depending on the area, a coating or penetrating sealers can be used here. If a penetrating sealer is used the concrete should not be too highly polished, leaving a non-slip finish. Slip prevention additives such as glass beading or grit should be added to coating sealers for safety reasons, especially around pools, outdoor entertaining areas, and surfaces open to the weather.

Penetrating sealers will provide a matt finish to protect the concrete from staining.

Coating sealers are best to attain a decorative finish. Coating sealers provide protection from staining with a selection of matt through to high gloss finishes available.

Almost any colour or stone combination can be achieved to suit your personal preferences and needs.

Areas Serviced

We travel to any part of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Areas Serviced - We travel to any part of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

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Mike Webb, owner and operator of Stone F/X Concrete Grinding & Polishing boasts 35 years experience in the building industry and 20 years specialising in the concreting sector. Extensive experience includes laying, cutting, grinding and decorative polishing.

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